Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm baaaack!!!!!11111oneeleven!!!!!

Sorry for being MIA. The holidays and a trip to NYC broke my routine. I didn't even have internet access in New York, except through my phone.

But worry not, my faithful readers (all one of you :P). I have not read one, not two, but THREE books in the last couple of weeks, and will likely finish a fourth within the next couple of days. So expect a slew of reviews by week's end. I know, no one really cares. That's partially why I didn't feel like I needed to "blog in" during the holidays.



  1. LOL, sorry if I'm acting like Julie's Mom on Julie & Julia. I just know you're putting time into this so I try and comment on most of your posts. :)

  2. No no, I'm appreciate it! Keep commenting! Tell your friends... maybe... if they aren't crazy... :)