Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another reason to clock gym time

My story comes in bits and pieces. Very small ones--microscopic, perhaps. And apparently, there are a lot of them, because I still have way too much to write, let alone revise, edit, get critted, etc. Ugh, when I think about it like that, I get pretty frustrated...

But there are pockets of inspiration when a moment or a scene from my story-in-waiting just flows through my head. Sometimes, even the words seem to write themselves on the e-page. (First draft-level words, anyway. Not saying it's all that pretty.)

Take this morning, for example. Cardio time at the gym. I don't always think about my MS during those times, but today, my book decided to impose upon my thoughts while I was stairclimbing. And I was grateful it happened, because a key moment/scene/realization for my MC ended up figuring itself out in my head. Something heartfelt with some warm fuzzies, perhaps capable of eliciting a few tears from some readers (well, my mom, at least :P). Nicholas Sparks would be proud. Oh wait, he writes sad stuff... nevermind.

I rushed upstairs to put my thoughts in my laptop as soon as I got back home. Creatine and protein shake be damned! I had a story to write!

For you writers out there, what sort of fun/unexpected experiences have you had with writing breakthroughs?


  1. 1. I am jealous that you work out.

    2. My very first book, a picture book, came to me last July. I was eating fresh raspberries at work and for whatever reason, the raspberry I was holding looked like a bunch of balloons. Within ten minutes I had concocted a story and then, I went home sick (I had been bite by a wasp earlier in the week) I got home walked in the door and sat down to write that first story. It's surreal to think about. Many of my MG and YA ideas work the same way, but I let the concept brew for weeks or months before I act upon it. Usually I mesh multiple ideas to create one story.

    3. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT read anything until you are finished with PJ! After that, read THE HUNGER GAMES, which I know directly contradicts my advice to wait until, August that I gave you last week.

    4. Okay.

  2. Sorry, been a long day and long week...

    1. Anyone can work out, J (certain debilitating medical conditions notwithstanding). You just have to make the commitment. Ask my sister, I used to be a lot less fit ("I'm not fat, I'm just husky") than I used to be.

    2. Wow, that's so cool! And a little psychedelic. Mmm, raspberries...

    3. Ugh, you're killin me, Smalls! Too many books to read, and now my order is all effed up!