Thursday, February 11, 2010

When life gives you lots of crap to do...

So in case you can’t tell, work/life has been imposing a little too much on my blogging, commenting, reading, and writing time these last few days. It really stinks. I feel almost guilty, like I should be staying up late to make up for the lost time. Even with mini-breakthroughs like I talked about yesterday, I’ve made very little headway this week. Little as in almost none.  And don’t even get me started about my current review book, which I’ve had on my nightstand for almost two weeks now, still with 60ish pages to go. Grr…

So I need a bit of advice/encouragement/e-hugs today. Do you guys experience dips in your writing productivity because of life? Do you have a good way to handle the extra demands on your time and still keep your writing goals within reach? Do you feel guilty? Stressed? Suicidal? (JK on that last one. I hope!)


  1. I always feel guilty when I don't get to blogging or reading in my book, but the most important thing I tell myself is that those things are always going to be there. It's time and life that keeps moving on. You can always get caught up later on reading and blogging, if you miss a few days or epiphany laced posts, oh well. Someone will have the same message a few weeks later.

    This is what prompts me to question my blog all the time. Like, what is it there for? Why do I sit at the computer all day? Who knows, a month from now, I may decide to sign off and never blog again. You never know, but you have to be okay with your decisions. Life moves on.

  2. Absolutely! Dips and guilt are a natural part of blogging. We all get overwhelmed and disappear at different times, but everyone is still here and waiting for us when we get around to finding more time. Rule #1 when blogging: Take care of you. :-)