Friday, February 19, 2010

Sorry, and a bit of an update

Sorry, I have totally been slacking lately on the blog updates. And I haven't cracked open my book in a week. So I am going to take a bit of time to explain why. Some of you may want to skip this post today, since it's not really related to the blog subject. :)

Anyway, so work has been rough lately, for multiple reasons. As you may know, I work for a Big 4 accounting firm as my "real job", and due to the soured economy, we've gone through rounds of layoffs and reorganizations over the last year-and-a-half. It’s been a challenging environment to work in, although thankfully, I have been spared in all 4-5 rounds of layoffs that have occurred so far.

Most recently, we’ve had a joining of regions in my firm, and with the reorganization, we have new leadership and new policies and procedures. It’s gotten to a point where we all feel like the new set of expectations are almost ludicrous. No, wait. They ARE ludicrous. And so, my whole team that I work with wants out—myself most definitely included.

Unfortunately, it becomes a bit of a race at this point. We all want to go, and we can’t time it perfectly so we leave at the same time, so the earlier you jump off the ship, the less you have to deal with the repercussions of having your team shrink. The last man holding the bag… well, he’s effed, is all I’ll say.

So in my spare time, what have I been doing? Scouring the internet for job postings, talking to recruiters, polishing and customizing my resumé, writing cover letters (ooh, there’s some writing!), and ranting with my co-workers about our intense desire to leave. In some ways, it’s uplifting, as we all have these delusions of grandeur about how awesome it will be to be gone by the end of next quarter. And I actually do believe that’s a “fantasy” that will come true. I’m crossing my fingers, at least.

So yeah, basically, that’s my big excuse for not posting much, not reading much, and not writing at all as far as my WIP goes in the last couple weeks. Even when I have downtime from my new job search, I’m not in a good mental state to write (i.e., I’m not motivated, for some reason).

I’m still here, I still follow you guys, and I still love hearing from you. I hope you’ll keep being patient with me, even if I’m not here as frequently as I would like for the next little while. Good thing is, I think I might have an in on a job very soon, so maybe life will be back to normal quickly after. (And Pig, it would still keep me local!)

Anyway, rant/whine/excuse off. TGIF!


  1. Oh I'm sorry piggy poo! I haven't been commenting as quickly either b/c work got freakishly busy for me for about 2 weeks and then I think with the stress of all that, I got really sick and I'm still not totally recovered yet. So sorry to hear that work has been hard for you, sounds like we need to catch up. Good luck with the search and let me know if I can do anything for you. Glad to know there's a good chance you'll still be local! I think I would kill myself if you weren't. :)

  2. TGIF is right! Good luck with the adjustments!

    Holy shit, word ver is milfee!

  3. LOL that's way better than gonsitur. Or dirtier at least. :)

  4. Oh, and thanks Pig! I got an email from the company today. I'm going to have a first interview early next week. Fingers crossed!

  5. Brandon--sorry that this chaos is happening in your "real" life. Hopefully better things are right around the corner, and you can get back to blogs and books and things.

  6. Hi Heather! Thanks for the warm words. I'm still here, just at a low spot in my writing time/frame of mind. But I'll be back!

  7. It's been too long and I find myself concerned by your absence. Did you get your work issues resolved?

  8. Jon! Hey buddy, thanks for popping in! So yes, I did resolve my work issues; I started my new job on Monday. :) Oh my heck, it was quite an adventure. Book worthy? Probably not, but still, there were a lot of twists and turns and name-calling (from disgruntled headhunters). Thankfully, I ended up at a great place and still get to stay in Utah (I know, a lot of people would laugh at that).

    I'm inundated with my new work right now, getting up to speed on the business and what-not. Plus, yesterday (Day 2) I was made the project manager for a big compliance effort that will begin very shortly. I'm excited for the opportunity to step up and prove my worth, but it is a bit overwhelming, at the same time.

    I want to get back into my reading/writing, but it might take me a few weeks before I've got a good handle on my work sitch. Stay tuned and keep in touch!

  9. Thanks for the update! I am excited for ya. Like we've said, we'll be here for you when you get back.