Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Book: The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson

I lied. Well, not lied so much as changed my mind. Humor me a moment while I explain...

So I just got back from the library. While scanning the YA shelves for Cinda Williams Chima's The Wizard Heir (follow-up to the book I just read), I noticed the display for the concluding book for Wayne Thomas Batson's The Door Within trilogy, called The Final Storm. Now, mind you, I had never seen Batson's books on the shelf at BN or Borders, but the cover art looked kinda fun (two knight armies in combat with a big ol' dragon and some lightning looming overhead). Plus, the fact that it was set aside on its own display stand made me think that it might be worth reading. Tricksy librarian hobbits!

Anyway, long story short? I went to the library looking for one book and came back with six: the other two books in The Heir trilogy, Chima's brand new novel The Demon King, and all three of Batson's books.

Now, I fully admit that it's unlikely I will finish all six of these books before my allotted 28 days is up, although the advent of my holiday vacation (6 more workdays, w00t!) does give me a fighting chance. I also know that I said I really wanted to read The Wizard Heir next, and I still do! But since I found out that I ruined my sister's plan of giving me Chima's first book for Christmas, I have a feeling that I might be getting one or more other Chima novels instead (hint hint, if you're reading this, Pig!).

To that end, I think I will at least give Batson a spin, see if Part I of his trilogy will make me want to read more. At 333 pages, it is considerably leaner than the last book I read. Not that I don't like it meaty. It just means that I will hopefully be able to decide rather quickly whether I want to continue the series. (Incidentally, I did read the 426-page monster in 4 days. Not too shabby!)

So stay tuned! I hope to finish this one before the weekend's over.

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  1. I have to admit, I was impressed by how quickly you read that book, what with your crazy schedule and all. But, you also have more of a life than I do so my reading books in less than two days isn't exactly normal or healthy... :)