Friday, December 4, 2009

Still here, need book

Sorry for not posting the last couple of days. Work has been intense. Normally, we are slowing down about this time, but we have had so many projects pile up on us that we are scrambling to get everything done in time for the holidays.

I’m not sure about my next book just yet. I just found out that only the first three books for the Nicholas Flamel series have been published, with the fourth coming in April. Given the cliffhanger ending (i.e., lack of resolution) from the first book, I’m not as eager to jump into the other books until I know there is a definitive end to the storyline.

I’m considering The Heir series by Cindy Williams Chima. My sister has read them. I leafed through the first few pages and I was impressed by the author’s writing. I’m one of those people who feels that a good story has to be backed by good writing. Call me a writing snob, I don’t care!

I’ll make my choice tomorrow. Should have time to go to the bookstore or library and pick something out before I decorate my tree for Christmas!

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