Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still here (and struggling a bit)

Since I can’t finish a book in a day just yet (my speedreading kit is on layaway), I’m gonna have to figure out some other things to put on this blog. I know you adoring fans await updates with great anticipation.

/sarcasm off

Anyway, for now, just thought I’d pop in and say that I am still plugging away at reading my latest book. It’s a bit of a challenge. The story is slow for a good while, but now that I am about halfway through, it’s picked up the pace somewhat. The language is a bit… dry, as well. It’s very good, very descriptive, but the writer definitely takes her time and throws in quirky details here and there. It does add to the unique charm to the book, but sometimes, I get a bit frustrated. Oh well, I promise not to ditch this one!

Oh also, apparently I need to stop reading altogether until after Christmas. I seem to be ruining someone’s Christmas gifts to me when I speculate on what book to tackle next. Soh-lee Peeg!


  1. LOL I love that you're apologizing to me on the blog and using SLP! :) I might be the only one who appreciates that so thanks.

  2. Haha, well even if my "brog" does make it big ever, I will still throw in a reference here and there to my first and most loyal reader. :)